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Thanks to the Good Finance’s decision to cut interest rates several times in a row, and in this context, the banks’ loan interest rates are lowered, consumers continue to knock on the doors of the banks again.

When the number of banks is high and the need is high, it takes some time to compare the campaigns and interest rates of the banks.

In order to save you this time, we will try to provide you with 15 banks’ current consumer loan interest rates and some other details about consumer loan products.

How Much Should A Credit Rating Be In Order To Get A Loan?


In order to be able to withdraw the general-purpose loan, it is not necessary to be blacklisted or to have an administrative follow-up. Apart from this, the loan does not have a clear score determined for allocation, because it is possible for banks to take the high risk or turn to risk-free loan demands as per their policies.

Nevertheless, having 1100 or more credit ratings will be sufficient to take out loans without the need for collateral as it is in the low-risk group. Consumers with a credit rating of 1700 and above can use the maximum limit loan that they can use in a short time without difficulty.

How Much Need Loan Can Be Withdrawn

How Much Need Loan Can Be Withdrawn

How much credit can be withdrawn will depend on the monthly income of the consumer. According to the BRSA rules, a person must transfer a maximum of half of his income to loan installment payments.

In this context, after dividing the monthly income by two, it can be calculated by calculating the maximum number of credits for that term by multiplying the number of terms. The point to be noted is that the resulting amount is the maximum amount, that is, it is necessary to have a high credit rating in order to use credit with this limit.

Will Loan Interest Rates Increase

Will Loan Interest Rates Increase

It is really difficult to say something about whether credit interest rates will rise or fall. In the studies carried out by the Good Finance and the government, it is expected that Good Finance’s policies towards reducing interest rates will continue.

However, it should not be forgotten that this situation is directly related to the exchange rate and the economic situation of the country. Therefore, it is possible that loan interest rates may drop more or less at the moment.

Easiest Lending Bank


The banks that can be used for easy credit are generally banks that allocate loans through digital service channels. Applications made to these banks via internet or text message are evaluated and answered within the same day, and even if the loan application is rejected, it is possible to use a loan with a lower limit by going to the trustee branch, since the maximum possible credit limit is also shared.  

You can read our letter about Banks Receiving Loan Applications Without Going to the Branch for an average of 3 minutes and make your loan application instantly and get your money in your account

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