Credit for deposit and commission.


Everyone looking for an apartment knows this. Finding an apartment is difficult and often the landlords have given their apartment to a brokerage agency for mediation. Those looking for a flat have considerable costs. In addition to a deposit, a commission for the broker is also due in many cases.

In this way, several thousand USD easily come together, which the apartment seeker must first raise. There are a few ways you can finance this, because repayment of the deposit from the old apartment does not always work smoothly.

Credit for deposit and commission

Credit for deposit and commission

A deposit for the new apartment does not necessarily have to be paid in one sum. The legislator has regulated this because the new tenant is entitled to pay the deposit for the apartment in three installments. It becomes more difficult with the commission for the broker. Unfortunately there is no installment payment here.

If the necessary financial means are lacking, only a loan will help, because unfortunately the tenant has to pay the commission. If a loan has to be taken out for the commission, then one should include the amount for the deposit, otherwise two installments have to be paid a month, if only for three months.

A deposit and commission loan is not tied to a bank. For most banks, the purpose is irrelevant. However, this does not apply to the house bank, because it always questions the intended use. In order to get a loan for deposit and commission as cheaply as possible, you should check the individual offers. Comparative calculators on the Internet offer the possibility.

Cream Bank receivers

Hartz 4 receivers

Anyone who is unemployed will not get a loan for the deposit and commission. In these cases, the office pays the deposit for the new apartment. However, the office does not pay brokerage commissions. The unemployed must therefore look for an apartment that is free of commission. There are also such offers on the relevant portals, even if they are few and far between.

Bad Credit Bureau

Bad Schufa

If you have a negative credit rating and therefore cannot get a loan from a bank, you can apply for a loan abroad. However, these are limited to 3,500 USD. In addition, banks abroad require a permanent employment relationship. Under these conditions, a loan for the new apartment is quite possible.


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